red hearts

 we live in a world  that  only the hearts can survive. the red hearts that is. they are an organization of spy. knights. slaves. princes.kings. princeses and queens. and any supernatural creature you can image. in the world we live in not just anyone can join. you have to be marked by the scar of emotion. when u are marked a red heart will appear on your wrist. thats why most of us wear gloves.we cover the scar and move on with our lives, but we serve<3 the white one. the tyrant that controlls all red hearts. we are suposed to do his dirty work , gaining him power and money. some proudly serve him. some of us chose to live the right path and it has cost us our lives. some of us are lucky enough to escape that fate and we are hiding. if the white one doesnt know that youve been marked then u can almost always get away with not having to do his dirty work but he always knows so dont even think about it. \they will come for you. always.  those of us read hearts in hiding have banded together and now live in plain sight of <3 the world. we switched from gloves the thick leather bands the have a metal heart with the first letter of your first name engraved upon it. the bands are diffrent colors for level of power in our comunity. white is the lowest. red is next then brown-three sublevels there so three shades- and finaly black. my level. held only by me and no one else. beacuse im the only one with such power i was granted a second heart. smaller than the original siting just next to it. i have complete power over a lot of people. they just dont know it. you see when i say levels of power i dont mean political government wise. i mean <3abilitys. your level of power, how strong you  are in the powers. everyone knows of the black level. and no one knows how u can be on it. the thing is you cant do anything. if u have the power when your marked you are on the black level. other wise your stuck on th white or browns. sucks for you right? well have i got mews for you. the white one claims to have found a way to get people on the black level( they are the same as us with colors and powers and such they just wear gloves and not bands). almost every single hiding red heart came out and rejoined him. half of those where killed. i amnow the only one. so i ditched the band and let my hearts fly free. i let the entire world know who i was. it sounds like a stupid move. your probably thinksing " omg the white one ill get you and kill you how can you be so foolish" well he cant so stop freaking out. eventhe white one is not one he black level. hes on the white. but by an accident of dark magic he gained new powers that where diffrent than all the others. not a strong as black but pretty darn close. e chose to keep his white status though. even though he was a white the people still voted for him o rule us. stupid. crazy stupid. makes me mad but  what can i do? know one will listen there all under his spell. so ive made it my lifes mission to fing the others like me. who didnt go back to him. who chose to stick by good. no matter hpw badlywe want more power. so tell me, have you seen any lately? ;)

stupid vampires!(warning:profanity used)

it was just another ordinary day. i was living my life minding my own buisness when bam! my whole entire life was changed in an instant. i didnt ask for this to happen to me but it did. im guessing this is the part where i say i need to make the best of it and move on with my life in the same way i would have if it didnt happen to me but its kind of hard when you have a trail of intricate, lacy, red hearts on your arm stairing u in the face. what kind of a vampire symbol is making new vampires get a tattoo against there will. its cute and all dont gwt me wrong but seriously? whats up with that. whatever its kind of hard to move on when not only are you a vampire but you are the only one can go out into the sun so your creator has you running her stupid aronds all day and night. just beacuse i never sleep doesnt mean i dont need a break, and i dont mean the necisary blood break. i feel like ann hathaway in the devil wears prada exsept theres no quiting for me. im stuck this way forever. listen to me i sound like a whiny brat. ive been getting used to the idea of me being a vampire but im still only drinking animal blood. my creator,her names julia, says im not allowed to drink human till i am really okay with the idea of killing people and such. i had just left my family and i could be doing better. it was there fault i was changed in the first place. no good sons of bitches. who leaves there middle child to die in the streets of a city they know nothing about. them apparently. i guess its only to be exspected, themiddle child always gets treated the basically my life could be better but it isnt. maybe this whole vampire thing could come in handy. i should so kill my family. they left me for dead and basically ignored me my intire life so whynot? certianyly this vampire thing couldnt be so bad. if youplay it to your advantage it could even be great. so i have a plan. kill the family, be a man drinker(vampires that eat humans) and get julia off my back. not bad emily, your doing pretty well for you self. heck this is a great start. new life here i come cus the bitch is back and no one can stop her.

whatever works

one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen foureen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty
1      2    3         4      5    6    7           8         9     10   11       12        13          14           15        16        17                18            19            20

you know ive noticed that when i dont know what i want to write and nothing comes to me i tend to want to count. so i just sit there counting or writing out the numbers like i did above. its a little strange but hey im a writer and thats what i do, whatever works right? so anyway here i am trying to find a topic of sorts and i just end up counting. its almost.... soothing? i imagine there has to be at least one person in the world of this site who understands what im talking about. although it seems strange because i absolutely hate math and all forms of it. im serious i suck at math.... like im the girl with all a's and then one c. which sucks i mean ONE FREAKIN C!!! COME ON YA'LL WHAT KIND OF MESSED UP STUFF IS THAT?!?!?!  anyway i still think theres some use to it. whatever works:)

PS: i know this makes no sense but in my head it did so .... deal with it okay? tough cookies!(mmmmmm cookies.. :) )

little red pen
snow white the fairest of them all- a modern retelling.
exserpt from story
" welcome!" i mustered up all the nice, hostessyness i could. it was going to be a great night... :)

dear journal,(the life of juliet divine who is not me)

well i was never one for diarys really but here i am.sitting here.writing. oh well it enevitadle right? all girls keep a diary at one point in there lives. i just needed a way to vent and say what i wanted with out having to censor it or becareful about what i say cus people cant keep secrets. well some can...thats a lie only one person i know can keep acctual hardcore secrets with out telling someone else. that person however is not myself, its blair, my best friend. this chick is seriously like my sister no joke, oh! and were cousins. haha guess i should have menchend that. anyway back to what i was saying. i needed a way to vent. you see my life is total crap right now like a complete mess. i guess id better give some like outline of events of my life. you may not care but its reletive to my story. first i had this amazing boyfriend we were in love and life couldnt have been better. till he got mad at me cus i wouldnt sleep with him so he broke my arm. not fun. no one but my friends new cus there was obvioussly no hiding it-the offical one for parents and teachers was i fell out of a tree- but then life got better. i found my one true love-for real this time. his name was markson and he was the only person who got me through robs first visit and not turning into a depressed mess of a girl. thats right i said the first time. his second visit was definantly more psyco.  you see markson had moved away. leaving me on my own with our kid. yea yea i know teen pregnancy no sex blah blah blah but we were in love and we where definantly going to be together forever. he was 18 i was 17 about to be nineteen and we were going to get married. i know what your thinking thats stupid were to young yada yada yada. i dont care what you think okay? its my life. anyways we slept together and he moved away. i didnt know i was prego at the time when he left(trust me if i had he would NOT have left). when i found out i fliped. i was like crap.... new house and life for me my parents are so gonna kick me out. they didnt however and they agreed to support me and there little soon to be grandbaby(i love that word). they also said i could find a way to tell mark on my own, but i had to tell him. now heres how rob ties in to this again. they day i found out i got a call. from rob. he said he had something of mine and dememded i come to the beach. why i went i dont know but i did. turns out  mark had come back to see me. he couldnt live with out me his mom said. well what happpened-this is hard for me cut me some slack-rob had um found out about us and decided to give rob a peice of his mind. by that i mean he...he.....he slit his throat. he said if he couldnt have me knowone could. we were yelling and screaming by this point and me and my big mouth dared to say he wouldnt brake my arm again. and of course, he did. this time i passed out. the last thing i heard were sirens. when i woke up i escapeed the hospital and whent to the camp site my best briends bree blair and bree boytoy sam where at. i told the whet happened and all this junk. when we were talkignlayet i menchened to blair that i was late... that kind of late. one thign led to another and vola! i was at 7-11 buying a baby test( i dont like pregnancy test its to formal). i didnt know what to do so we came up with a pland eventualy moved on with our lives. there was justa new life among us. annabell jasmin tatum divine, my daughter. my shining star shes my everything. i never knew i wanted a child till one was already here. lets just say the adpotive parnets were not happy when  i backed out. a couple years later something else happened. you should know that rob was in jail and i was of sound peacful mind. untill  i found out he broke out of jail. i ran out of work and got annabell with no exsplinantion to her teacher and drove home. i would go to my aunts house in canada. we would hide out till i felt things safe. i knew rob he wouldnt stop till he got what he wanted. the door was kicked in but the house want trashed . there was a man standig by the glass back door.he appeared to be watcing my cat who had gottenout. i recognihat black hair. it was to long curling cutely at the nape of his neck. his figure was tell and lean, dressed neatly but wearing those old converse id seen s often. i heard myself say "markson?" but it seemed i was hearing it from out side my body. he turned and there they where. those all to familiar saphire blue eyes, sharp angular features that where still soft and welcoming. i didnt know  i was crying till annabell said "  mommy your eyes are leaking" . i looked at her and told her they where tears. i looked back up at markson. my one true love. i ran into his arms. a familiar embrace i had been longing for since that fateful day. i didnt want to let go of him. i wanted so badly to never let go my mind was shocked and all i could think was "how?" but annabell said that i was squishing her so i let go. we talked and talked but in fast words beacuse i needed to leave i had said. i wasnt sure how to tell him about annabell. but i didnthave to he figured it out-ever the math wiz-and i called her over and told her who he was. i love what he said" come here squirt give your old man a hug" i was practicaly sobbing at thispoint but my happy family moment was interupted by none other than the one the only rob. yea he bursted n with the force of a bulldozer. there was fighting and arguing and i grabbed annabell and ran for our lives...her life. i new my gun was in the car so i whent there. i couldnt hold anabell so i put her down and told her to run. he grabbed me from behind putting a knife to my throat. " take one step and i kill her" he said to mark. he and anna bell where standing by the open door of the car. i could see her taking small steps to the car. i had taught her well. i knew this day would come. i didnt know what to do. i didnt want to die but i would take my own life to save hers anyday. hers or marks. good girl i whispered. dont talk he yelled. i could feel a small drop of blood running down my kneck. i elbowed him in the ribs then turned around and kneed him where it hurn (i take self defense classes). i ran the car grabbing the gun. i turned and pointed it at rob. mar had gotten the knife away from him and wasstrugling to hold him still the knife wriggling against robs kneck. i felt like i was outside of my body watching this happen. rob had gotten away from markson and rushed towards me. then the unthinkable happpened. annabell ran to me she was scared for me the poor thing. i shot him. but not in time. he had grabed her and cut her arm, badly.  he fell down. and it was over. annabell was okay in the end. she'll have a scar  but she so okay thats all that matters. me and markson made plans to get married. we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. and we sure as hell would. dead or alive our lives would go on. and rob was definantly dead

thinker #1

what would you do? how far would you go? this is what you want. someone comes up to you and says here take it but you have to do this first. would you kill your mother for the power? would you shoot your brother for the money? would you stab your sister for the drugs?  
                                                                                                       what if?
                what if?                      do you think of the consequences before you do something?                             think about it...

entry for language lab

the woman in red walked across the forest and the writer followed. she stalked after him silenty, being careful abot where she steped. who was this man? why was he in her forrest? he had no right to be here. the writer you see wasnt just a writer she was a shadow hunter. her name was mielan and only by chance was she the ruler of this forrest realm. her mother,madam mora, is a forrest nymph. madam mora had fallen ill. since she was not able to rule in that state she passed her title on to mielan. mielan however refused to respond to anyone who called her madam, it was just to offical for her taste. so all of her subjects just called her mielan. i suppose you want to know why she, a shadow hunter, was ruling a forest realm of nymphs when she her self was not one. well you can thank her father for that. jace goldwing the all mighty shadow hunter was her father. shadow hunter blood is stronger than that of the forrest nymphs.
                 TO BE CONTINUED...


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